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Edinburgh's very own countryside retreat.

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Project Description

Based in the beautiful Pentland foothills just outside Edinburgh, lies Swanston Farm – still a working farm, but with several businesses under its ownership including Swanston golf club, brasserie, equestrian centre, holiday cottages, and offices.

01. Project Brief

SBP was asked to develop a new brand identity which would link the various parts of the business together, yet allow for each to maintain some individuality. The unique location of the Swanston group of businesses is a great selling point, and in itself a major attraction. A brand workshop session helped develop the idea that Swanston is a haven close to the city, for those who want to stay, work or unwind closer to nature.

02. Creative Development

We adopted a natural colour palette in developing the brand – using a different colour to differentiate each part of the business – to accentuate the proximity to the countryside. An illustration of the landscape with the iconic Clubhouse set against the hills was developed for use throughout all communications and across all group businesses, to reinforce the relationship between the businesses and with their location.

03. Results & Feedback

A new group website was developed, bringing all parts of the business into one accessible point for users. A suite of literature for each Swanston business is next to be developed.