Project Description

01. Project Brief

The Gateway Rosyth project is a collaborative  initiative between the three land owners; Babcock, Forth Ports and Scarborough Muir alongside Fife Council, to promote the port and adjoining land  as a world-class location for marine, energy,  logistics and engineering businesses.

The proposition had to appeal to a global audience, communicating the scope and variety of the masterplan clearly, concisely and effectively.

The identity is based on the concept of Rosyth being a hub for commerce – both inbound and outbound. The angled lines common throughout the identity echo the shoreline along the docks. We ensured the information had global effectiveness by breaking the headline facts and supporting information down into a series of infographics and charts, creating a suite of high impact brochureware, digital presentations and animations. The strap line ‘Locate, Invest, Prosper‘ was formed to reinforce the proposition that location at Rosyth can help create a competitive edge.

The branding has been applied across, print, web and a series of social media animations in a push to attract both national and international businesses and investors. We continue to provide ongoing creative support to stakeholders.

02. Branding

03. Folder Pack

04. Animated Infographics