Project Description

Issie Inglis has lead many treks to Everest Base Camp and several climbing expeditions to peaks up to 7000M.

01. The Project Brief

For Issie, creating the mapping has been an adventure journey on it’s own. She made two trips to Nepal: first to walk the route and collect the GPS data, then again when she realised there was not enough information on the satellite images to create a detailed enough map. A chilly trip in January 2012 allowed Issie to collect a huge amount of detail which has now been drawn onto the bespoke map featured in this app and the ebook that preceded it. Her beautifully crafted maps and in depth knowledge of this region were published in her first ebook and an iOS iPhone app.

02. Creative Development

Initially, SBP took over management of an the ObjectiveC version of the app but this has since been redeveloped from the ground up using Swift.

This is the first of many planned Trek the World Guides so it was vital that the app is developed in a framework that’s easy to repopulate cost effectively. The new version of the app also allows for multilingual content. During the rebuild, we took the opportunity to update all the graphic assets and develop a new user friendly icon-set. As well as being an everything you need to know guide, the app allows users to record their daily activity as a GPS track, review it a map, add notes, share online and build their own adventure journal just like great adventures of days gone by.

03. Results & Feedback

The Everest Base Camp app is currently available on the Apple App Store. A guide of the world famous Torres del Paine treks in Patagonia is currently under development with many more digital adventures on their way.

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